About Us



What Joined Elements, Inc. is All About

Our mission is to help your brand reach as many eligible consumers as possible through the use of in-store and on-site sales and marketing campaigns. We spend time getting to know your brand and products inside and out – whether you work in personal care, home cleaning, electronics, or the food industry – in order to understand which aspects of your brand are most valuable to consumers. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to create a campaign that not only attracts new customers, but that also satisfies the needs of existing customers. By including all consumers, our team here at Joined Elements, Inc. is able to grow your consumer base and raise awareness of your brand.

Growth through Superior Brand Management

We focus on an aspect of promotion that online campaigns neglect – we help you to build a trustworthy, positive brand image. Although your products satisfy consumers in the short term, it is the image of your brand and the lifestyle your brand exhibits that will keep consumers wanting more.

As we are committed to achieving growth using in-store and on-site sales and marketing campaigns, and to maintaining growth through the creation of a strong brand image, we are able to assure our clients expansion for years to come. Our specialized techniques here at Joined Elements, Inc. have meant that our services have been noticed by many new clients, and as a result we are always looking for new individuals to join our team and help us complete our work.

Expansion through an Amazing Consumer Experience

We have worked with a diverse range of brands, from cleaning products and music technology to health and beauty and diet supplements, and we have learned that all consumers want are two things: service and value. In order to offer unbeatable customer service, we utilize our confident, knowledgeable sales representatives in our in-store sales and marketing campaigns. By using brand representatives, instead of written or electronic advertisements, we engage with your consumers on a personal level. This helps consumers to feel like they are valued, and this positive attitude will stay with them when they buy products in the future.

In order to offer great value, we work with you to establish which products are most appropriate to offer at a promotional price. We then build our campaigns around these products, so that consumers can access your products and still feel like they have received great value for money.

By shaping our campaigns in order to satisfy these two consumer needs, here at Joined Elements, Inc. we consistently achieve growth for all our clients, and as such we are able to expand our team and offer our services to more and more brands.

Incredible Opportunities for a Career

The dynamic, hard-working team of people that we have at Joined Elements, Inc. is responsible for all our success. As such, we feel that the best way to reward our team’s hard work is by offering incredible opportunities for career progression and development. We provide all the tools you need to build the career of your dreams, which is what makes us such an amazing company to work for. By treating our team right, we ensure the goals of our clients are met, too!